You never know the impact you will have on a person’s life by offering a simple, genuine, kind gesture. Most people “pretend” to be too busy to care or show love to others the way Jesus does. Jesus loves people, and he even took time from his preaching to heal the sick and deliver the afflicted.

It is unfortunate that oftentimes those closest to us are the ones who fail to love us unconditionally. A heart that is in pain and despair desperately needs another to just hold it close, listen to it beating and beat a smile in return. A hug; love.

Not all problems can be solved by money. You may give out a lot of money but it won’t do you or anyone any good if there is no genuine love. There is no substitute in this world for taking the time to talk to and love a total stranger.

Love has become a buzz word bandied around and misused. You cannot say you love someone yet when the going gets tough for them, you run away. Love is supposed to go both ways. If someone sacrifices everything to care for your needs yet you cannot even remember that they too need help from you, then that is not love.

So here you are – no job, no money, and no vision for your future. This is enough to get people to run and abandon you. All of a sudden you have very little value in their eyes. How do you respond?

Forgive them and move on! See yourself the way God sees you; the way Christ sees you.



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