Is Jesus Christ My Savior And My Lord?

When a person gets saved, they choose to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Most of the time you will hear people talking and preaching about how Jesus is savior, but the Lord part is often neglected.

As our Lord, Christ is our king whom we must obey and follow. Yes, He cleansed us and redeemed us from our sins, but we should never forget that He is our Lord too.

In Luke 18:18-23, a rich ruler asks Jesus what he has to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus tells him to sell everything he owns, give it to the poor, and then follow Him. The man becomes sad and simply walks away. He cannot contemplate selling all his stuff and giving it to the poor, just to follow Jesus.

This man obviously knew Jesus as the people’s savior, but he was not ready to accept Him as Lord and do what Jesus asked. If he did not sell what he had before following Jesus, the love of money would most likely have prevented him from sticking with Jesus all the way to the end. Somewhere along the way he would have had to choose between Christ and money, and he would have gone for the money. Christ would still be His savior, but He would no longer be his Lord!

God is more interested in how you finish the race than how you start it. You can start off full of fire and zeal for Jesus, but circumstances and worldly desires can easily trip you up and cause you to deviate from the narrow path. The finish is what matters!



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