What do you do when you try to have a conversation with someone and they simply can’t hear you? Or maybe they do, but aren’t keen on responding?

Did you know that God is always speaking to you at all times of the day?

Did you know that most people can’t hear Him or don’t even care enough to stop what they are doing and listen?

Do you know how that makes God feel, being in a one-sided relationship? He is always trying to get our attention but we have become so good at focusing on distractions!

Imagine a situation where you could hear God’s voice loud and clear, at anytime, anywhere, with no interference.

There’s no need to imagine it; because there IS a way to do that! One way is through His Word, the Bible, and the other is by communing with the Holy Spirit.

God is always speaking, so learn to listen!
Spend some time with your Heavenly Father. He is worth it!

Make a commitment to study His Word today as you create the right environment for His presence. Believe me, it is never a waste of time sacrificing your time for God! You will be amazed at what your Heavenly Father is willing to share with you if only you took some time to really listen!



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