God is not like a human father!

Some fathers give their children a task that overburdens them, which they then fail to perform as required. Other fathers may swoop in and do the task themselves, maybe even condemning the child for being weak and blowing up their shortcomings. Then there are those who may even watch the child fail, do nothing about it, and then spend most of the time calling them out on their mistakes. Those who have grown up in households with such kind of fathers understand what I’m talking about.

God, however, knows your limits and would never place a burden on your shoulder that you cannot bear. He made you, and so he knows exactly what you can do.


One Mountain, Different Loads

I want you, right now, to see yourself carrying a huge load on your back as you walk up a mountain. As you huff and puff uphill, you glance to the side and see others walking up the mountain as well. Some are carrying much smaller loads than your own. You notice that some have loads small enough to fit in their pockets. Yet there are others who are carrying big loads but are walking on flatter terrain!

The journey to the top.
Everyone has their own load to carry up the mountain.

So why does God make it so hard for some people while others seem to enjoy an easier life?

Perhaps you have been called to walk a more difficult and steeper road; to carry a much heavier load than others; because your destiny is greater!

The lessons you are learning during this ‘spiritual bootcamp’ are not meant to break you, regardless of what you think or feel.

God knows how much you can bear and would never put an unrealistic load on your back. He will also not swoop in and do the work for you, and then start calling out your weaknesses. God will also not abandon you on your journey and just watch as you struggle and fail, only to later start drawing attention to your shortcomings.

He will whisper words of encouragement all the time, just to keep you going one more step up the mountain. There is no condemnation when you stumble and fall, and He never leaves you nor forsakes you.


Your Destiny Requires Your Transformation

You have been called to walk a more difficult path because the journey is supposed to change you. It is meant to transform you into someone who can withstand great pressure so that you can achieve your destiny. You will then be able to help others who are almost dropping their loads and giving up on their journey.

You are to learn how to endure so that you can show others how to stay the course, especially when the mountain starts getting steeper. Those who seem to be enjoying walking a path that is less steep or with lighter loads may not be prepared for what’s coming up in the future.

It is God’s intention for you to conquer your mountain despite all the trials and tribulations. Think of it this way – how will you feel when you get to that top position and look down to see other people still struggling? You will have grace and mercy for them because you too have been there! You will feel a great desire to help them.


Empathy in the Struggle

When you finally become CEO of that organization, start your own company, or become a leader in your community, you will be able to identify with the struggles of the people who are still trying to make it to the top with their heavy loads. Those who carried small loads or walked an easier terrain will never be able to empathize with them.

So take courage when the journey gets tough and resist the temptation to start comparing yourself to others. Your journey is different for a reason. It is only after you have conquered it all and achieved your destiny that you will understand what it all meant.




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