This life that we live is more than just about you and me. This fight – this struggle – started way before you and I came on the scene. So don’t take it personally.


The Quintessential Chess Grandmaster

Every piece on a chess board has a role to play. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how strong you are as a unique piece, you are only as strong and effective as the positioning of the other pieces around you.

Just like any chessboard, some people are called to be pawns, others knights, bishops, rooks, queens, and kings.

The pawns are the first line of defense and attack. These are the people called to go to places where other believers fear to tread. They are always committed to doing whatever it takes, even unto death, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The other pieces may assume that pawns are disposable and inconsequential. However, they serve their purpose according to God’s plan.

Remember that every piece has its strengths and weaknesses. As believers, we form the body of Christ, and thus every part plays a key role according to its purpose. That is why we should not unfairly judge, criticize, or ridicule fellow believers. Instead, we are to pray and encourage each other in the faith.

Never forget that a chess piece is only as strong as its positioning and the positions of its fellow pieces. You may believe that you are worth more in the Kingdom due to your elevated status, but never despise those around you who have been called to play a less exalted role.

The battle we fight daily has been raging for millennia. Millions of pieces have fallen and been sacrificed for the glory of the Kingdom of the Most High God. These martyrs and saints may be considered pawns, but they are the most exalted of all.

The king, queen, rooks, bishops, and knights may seem more powerful, but they are absolutely nothing without the wall of pawns in front of them.

God, the chess grandmaster, always has a plan that the enemy cannot see. The plan is beyond the understanding of the pieces on the board. Take heart, brethren. Even as the storms of life threaten to sweep us away, our Father has already prepared for us a way out. It is not our job to know what the game plan is.

All we are called to do is play our position, and ensure that those around us maintain theirs. This requires faith. Not in ourselves, but in our Father God.

Every chess piece is important, even though they may not seem so at first. In the gospel of John 21: 20-22, we see this playing out after Jesus has resurrected from the grave and appeared to His disciples.

Jesus has just explained to Peter how he (Peter) is going to die and bring honor to God. He tells Peter to follow Him. As they walk, Peter turns around and sees John, one of his fellow disciples, shuffling along a few steps behind them. Peter asks Jesus what role John would play; probably assuming that John’s role wouldn’t be as significant. Jesus tells Peter not to concern himself with the matter. Well, that same John ended up being shown a vision of the Revelation of the Apocalypse!

At the end of it all, we all have to play the position Christ has called us to, no matter what anybody says or thinks.



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