Hello people,

Somebody shared something interesting with me about the rapture. I am reading through it and I thought it would be wise to share this information with as many people as possible.

The book on the Rapture talks about some things that will be of interest to everyone in the world, but especially to those living in the USA. You may believe it or you may not. That is up to you. I just felt it would be very selfish not to share.

If you are a believer, pray that Holy Spirit will help you understand and confirm what is being said with Scripture. I pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus to be with you as you read the attached document. Our prayer is none of us is here after the rapture occurs, however none of us knows if we will all be in that list, so how then do we live in the time that follows(the great tribulation),if we are unfortunately here?

Meanwhile let us repent of our sins, remaining vigilant as we pray earnestly to be found worthy to be taken in the rapture by our dear Lord Jesus.

Please please forward to your other friends and family members.


Here is the link to the document:

God bless you all.




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