I stand amazed at some of the great lessons that God wants us to learn from characters in the bible. Let’s take a look at Joseph’s story and some of the revelations that lie deep within his journey to victory!

Genesis 37:1-36, and Genesis 39

  1. In Gen. 37:3-4, we see that Joseph was given a coat of many colors by his father, Jacob. Joseph’s coat must have been a bright and shiny coat, and it symbolized the love that his father had for him over and above all the other brothers. This inspired their hatred and jealousy toward Joseph, and they spoke negatively about him.

One sure sign of people who despise you in their heart is their inability to speak peacefully to and about you.


  1. Joseph must have been very aloof to his brother’s ill feelings toward him. Maybe it was his naivety due to his young age. It could probably have been part of his character to focus on the best in people rather than on their failings. This may explain why he went ahead to tell them his dreams.

Be careful about revealing God’s messages to people whose hearts are not for you! They will just hate you more. (Matt 7:6)


  1. The first dream Joseph had was about sheaves (a bundle of cereal plants), and involved Joseph and his brothers but minus Benjamin. In Gen. 37:9, Joseph tells them a second dream about the sun, the moon, and 11 stars. This time it was the whole family bowing down to Joseph.

The first dream signified that when the brothers would first bow down to Joseph, it would be because of food, and Benjamin would not be among them. The second dream signified that the whole family would end up bowing to Joseph due to his light (leadership and influence).


  1. Envy usually brings about spiritual blindness. When Joseph told his brothers the two dreams, they immediately put it out of their minds because they despised him. It was only his father who pondered about the dream.

There are times when people will ignore the warnings you give them because they are too busy asking themselves, “What makes you so special?”


  1. When Joseph was sent to check up on his brothers, they saw him coming from afar and started planning how to kill him. You will notice in Gen. 37: 18-20 that they labeled him “this dreamer” or “hero of those dreams.” They didn’t refer to him as their brother at all. They were simply convinced that they had to stop his dreams coming to pass. They proceeded to grab Joseph, strip off his fancy coat, and toss him into a dry well!

The enemy knows your great destiny and can always see you coming from afar. Have you ever noticed how the first line of attack of your enemies (whether it’s the devil or even people around you) is always your identity? By labeling you all kinds of names, people try to create an atmosphere where you are not considered as equal or deserving of something. The devil will be quick to try to strip your identity from you so that you won’t be reminded of just how much your Heavenly Father loves you and the power you actually have.


  1. The only person who stood up for Joseph to prevent his brothers from killing him was Reuben, the first born; the same guy who had slept with his father’s wife. Reuben told them that instead of killing Joseph, they should just dump him in the dry well.

Your enemies may try to kill you, but if God is with you, their plans will not succeed. God can use anyone (even sinful people) to fight your battles. Just be still and watch Him go to work for you!


  1. While in the pit, Joseph had two options. He could either let his head drop and look down, or look up toward the light, where his hope lay.

Never allow the circumstances of life to take your eyes off your destiny. Keep your head up! Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Joseph’s friends would have found him in the pit? They would have taken him back into the comfort of his father’s arms of course! You may wonder why your family and friends are not coming to your aid, but the truth is that if they do, they may end up keeping you from reaching you God-inspired destiny!




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