In the first part of this series on Joseph the dreamer, we learned 7 key lessons that can help us in the way we handle obstacles, trials, and tribulation in life. Here are 5 more things we can learn…


  1. The brothers thought that by selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites, they were sending him very far away, never again to be seen. Even the Ishmaelites themselves thought they were carrying a mere slave.

Your enemies may think they are sending you very far away from your destiny, but they don’t know that they are in fact giving you a free ride to the exact place God wants you to be! There’s no way Joseph could have made it to Egypt by his own power, so God divinely arranged his transportation. As hard as it may be, rejoice even when people persecute you. They will be extremely shocked when they ultimately see you ruling over them!


  1. When Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, he ended up in house of the head of the King’s guard.

He could have been sold anywhere, and there were many wealthy men in Egypt who could have bought him, but it just had to be Potiphar’s house. God may not deliver you from your problem in the way you expect, but His hand will still be over your life.


  1. Joseph was appointed by Potiphar to be in charge of everything in his house. When Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him, Joseph resisted and refused her advances (Gen. 39: 4-9).

Beware the temptations that arise after you have been elevated from pit to prosperity. Don’t fall for the transient things that look good on the outside. If you do, you will find yourself outside the will of God and delay your destiny. Choose to please God instead of people.


  1. Because Joseph chose to resist the sexual temptation from Potiphar’s wife, he found himself accused of attempted rape. He was immediately tossed into prison without being given a chance to explain his side of the story. However, God was with him and the jailer soon appointed him to be in charge of the entire prison (Gen. 39: 10-23)

Sometimes you will do the right thing but still suffer for it. Making the right choices in life does not mean there won’t be painful consequences. But as long as God is with you, things will still work out for your good.


  1. While in prison, Joseph was joined by the King’s personal servant and chef. These two men had dreams they couldn’t understand, but Joseph was able to interpret the dreams, in exchange for them telling the king about his desperate plight. However, after his release, the king’s personal servant forgot all about Joseph. It took a whole two years before he remembered that there was a man in the prison who could interpret dreams. Joseph was released to interpret the King’s dream and because of the wisdom God had given him, he was appointed the Governor of Egypt.

The truth is that there are times you will help someone and expect them to later bail you out in return. However, people may quickly forget your good works and leave you wallowing in suffering. However, God works according to his times and seasons, and when the time is right, they will remember you. As long as you stay in His will, God will lift you up and repay you for all the years you have lost!





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