In today’s world, there are many people who go out of their way to serve others. They strive to perform acts of charity and help many needy people in society. When we look at these people, we easily conclude that these people must be behaving this way because they genuinely love people. But what does Jesus look for when He judges such actions?

Jesus Christ has so much love for us all that He looks at our everyday actions based on whether we do them out of love for Him. Every time you show your fellow brother love for the sake of Christ, He is comforted. There is simply too much suffering and pain out there in the world and Jesus feels it all. Every refugee run out of their home by ISIS; every child brutalized by some crazy adult; every teen who is bullied into contemplating suicide; Jesus feels all that pain. This is why every small act of kindness consoles Him. As the body of Christ, He wants our hearts to dwell with His and feel what He feels.

Those whose hearts dwell with Jesus will show certain characteristics:

  • They are willing to deny themselves for the sake of Christ. They gladly give to others and share whatever little they are blessed with. They simply put His needs first.
  • They perform small acts of kindness and mercy that bring Him great joy. But here’s the catch: The act has to be out of pure love with absolutely no selfish motive. One of the biggest problems we have today is that people perform acts of love for the wrong reasons; for money, fame, popularity, acceptance, or opportunity. You need to be a blessing to others for the simple reason that you love Jesus. He can see straight through any ulterior motives.
  • They correct others when they go wrong.
  • They separate themselves from willful sinful.
  • They listen to His voice and help out those who Jesus has sent their way to love and bless. Sometimes He sends people in our direction so that we can get the oportunity to practice obedience and love. Since Jesus has a sense of humor, don’t be surprised if He sends you someone whom you find extremely irritating, just to help build your patience (This one is from personal experience. There are many annoying people out there!)
  • They forgive those who have hurt them. They choose not to slander or malign anyone who has wronged them.
  • They are always eager to serve others and help others grow, without feeling envious. They don’t step on other people’s heads or pull others down just to get ahead. In God’s kingdom, there is always enough to go around.

Search your heart today and figure out whether your heart dwells with His.





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