Goats vs sheep 1

In Matthew 25: 31-46, Jesus tells his disciples a parable that depicts how He will judge the people of all nations. The parable makes a distinction between people considered to be goats and those who are sheep. According to the scripture, Jesus will sit on the throne and place His sheep on His right side while the supposed goats will be asked to step to the left.

Then He will welcome His sheep into His kingdom, telling them how they fed Him when He was hungry; gave Him water when he was thirsty; gave Him shelter when he had nowhere to stay; clothed Him when He was naked; comforted Him when he was sick; and visited Him in jail.

The sheep, in utter surprise, will then ask Him to explain when they ever performed these acts for Him. Jesus will then reply that every time they did these things to someone who was needy and seemingly unimportant in society, they were doing it for Him.

To the people asked to stand on the left, Jesus will rebuke them and condemn them into the everlasting fire. The reason He will give is that they never bothered to help the less fortunate and forgotten people in society, and because of this, they were in fact ignoring Him.

When someone is welcomed into the kingdom of God, they are taught that it is by grace through faith that they are saved. This is true. However, as a believer, it is wrong to believe that God does not expect any fruit from your transformed life. Ephesians 2:10 says that God planned for us good works to do even before He created us.

Yes, salvation may be by faith, but we express our faith by the works we do. We are given a new nature at salvation, so that we are empowered to go out and work hard at whatever we do, just as if God was our boss and not man.

From the parable above, it shows that everyone will be required to give an account of the gifts they received from God in this life. At this very moment, we are all consuming air, water, food, and many other blessings from God, but we will be asked by Jesus to account for these resources that He has given us to use to serve Him.

I don’t know about you, but it is a scary thought to think of myself standing before Jesus, trying to avoid that piercing gaze as I try to give excuses for why I didn’t use His free gifts to serve Him. He will easily see right through any excuses and go to the heart of the issue – my selfishness and self-seeking.

This means that we must find what our mission is and get to work. But therein lies the challenge: How do you find that mission?

There are many believers out there who are not really sure of what their mission is supposed to be. They simply don’t know what they were called or created to do or become. The truth is that only Jesus can tell you what your mission is.

So what do you do if you are a believer who loves Jesus but find yourself drifting through life, unable to hear Him and get guidance on what your purpose in life is?

Great question!

Let us unravel that issue in the next post!




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