Luke 12: 35-48 talks about the parable of the faithful and unfaithful servants. I believe that this parable explains how believers tend to behave and live their lives as we await the return of our master, Jesus Christ.

The scripture tells us that the faithful servants are those believers who are awake and prepared for the return of Christ. The faithful servants don’t really know or care when the master is coming. They simply keep their lamps burning night and day, preparing for His return. They receive Him when He returns and they open the door for Him. Because they were ready for Him, He prepares a meal for them and serves them.

So what does this mean? Every believer is required to be ready and filled with the Holy Ghost, which is why Jesus told them to keep their lamps burning. The only way to keep your lamp burning is to always be topped up with enough oil.

Nobody knows when Jesus is coming, which is why we have to be ready at all times. As a faithful believer, you have to be found performing the mission that God called you to do. When God created you, He also created a specific mission that you are supposed to find and do. Those who are faithful in doing so will be put in charge of even greater tasks in heaven.

I find it interesting how Luke 12:43 says that blessed are those servants who the master finds doing their job. It doesn’t say “completed their job,” just “doing their job.” I believe the important thing is to be found busy working at the calling God created for you. You may not have accomplished 100% of the mission, but you were dedicated and steadfast at your calling for the glory of God. This kind of faithfulness is what will be rewarded when Jesus returns.

But what about the unfaithful servants?

These are the believers who think that the return of Jesus is so very far away, and are going about mistreating others and living their lives recklessly. When Jesus comes back unexpectedly, the unfaithful believers will be left behind with the non-believers.

This parable, so far, shows that there are two kinds of believers. There are those who heed the call and follow what Jesus commands them to do. Then there are those who are found not doing the purpose God created them for.

However, the unfaithful believers are also divided into two groups. Those who know their mission but refuse to do it and those who have no idea what their mission is. For those who have refused, their punishment will be very harsh. They will undergo great trials and tribulations. But those who were simply ignorant of their calling will receive a much less severe trial.

To whom much is given, much is expected!



  1. Very true and I wish more Christians knew this.
    Many believe that once they are baptized that is all there is to do.
    We are saved by GRACE to do THE GOODS WORKS GOD HAS PREPARED for us to do. The reason the words were capitalized is to emphasize that JESUS has work for us to do. That means we have work to do but must do the work Jesus has prepared and not to go out and do whatever we want.

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